Session 0: Back story prelude to game

Story style beginning to the whole game

Dividing Line Image

GM posted
As the morning steam clouds once again rolled across the docks and the sound of steam engines and heavy machinery slowly cranked to life a lone coated figure approached out of the mists. Slowly the large figure approached as a bright smile lanced across his face. “You… You look like you got an eye for adventure,” Said the strange man. “I got a story for yeh… If’n y’ think you got the time. Y’see it wasn’t always like this, this used to be a land of psychics, mages and supernatural beings.” A bright smile crossed his face, “What, don’t believe me? I swear on my missin’ eye its the truth. Crazy things like elves and giants and angels used to walk this very ground. It was a time of adventure and mystery, A time of inquisitions and people out to keep the peace and keep us safe. Or at least that’s what they told us.” The man stopped talking as to gauge your reaction. “Ah good.. someone who’ll listen.” The man reached out his arm exposing an exquisite antique Clockwork limb. His pneumatic hand grasped a crate and dragged it over behind him with little effort. As he sat down he sighed a sigh of relief. “M’ body’s not what it used to be… Anyhow.. It all started many years ago in the area still known as Kanon”

{Begin obligatory flashback fade}

{Fades into a small early steam age town. A large factory is on the outskirts and it seems like it is the main purpose of the town.}

[pan down to show a very large built man entering town with a tall robed figure and two men carrying a large trunk. All along the street the people are hiding in the various buildings]



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