Session 1 Prelude: Meet Bastion

Up In Smoke

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Launcher/Sean wrote this so the first session would be written up. As such, if there are details you would like to clarify, change, or add, to be more accurate than my memory, or because you can write it BETTER, please go ahead and make whatever changes you deem necessary. The GM has made his edits to the piece already.

A typical morning in the town of Phelps used to be fairly calm and tranquil. The familiar smoke clouds, and occasional mists a reassurance of stability and progress. People go about their daily business, getting caught up on the news, trading goods, and making cogs. Everything usually runs like clockwork, due to the guiding hand of the village’s Mayor, James Phelps. Unfortunately this was not a typical morning.

While it’s no doubt that many noticed the arrival of Sir Bastion (His towering figure made it quite difficult not to) it was the more senior of the citizens who knew what it meant. They were the first to start trying to get away. It didn’t take too long for everyone else to get the idea, though it hardly mattered much.

The mayor did his best to try and stop him. To convince him not to do it, and when that wouldn’t work, to defend his village with his life, and this was pretty much exactly what he did. The mayor missed his strike, and the following blow he received left him in a mangled heap on the floor. It was over in seconds, and those who witnessed it were struck with the reality of the situation.

The reality of the situation, as it turns out, struck 4 people specifically. The head reporter of the local newspaper, trying to get the story he’d have to report to the people, the courier who had convinced the previously terrified reporter not to run away, the young man who’d had the forethought to take a wrench from the factory at which he worked to protect himself, and the young man who was manning the trading post when all of this happened. They could all see that the man who’d arrived here was without mercy, and that no pleas for such would be entertained.

Sir Bastion, having done away with the town’s leadership halted the fleeing witnesses. He addressed first the head reporter, tasking him with trying to calm the citizens for their eventual execution. Had there been an survivable alternative, the man may have resisted such a request, but Sir Bastion was not “survivable”, which was becoming more clear every moment. He then addressed the young men, and made them an offer they couldn’t refuse.

“Go and find the source of this heresy, bring it back to me within 24 hours, and I will let you keep some of your town. Otherwise, I will hunt you down and I will kill you, like the dirty dogs you are.”

He gave the teenagers some shape shifting bindings to catch the thing and sent them on their way.

They immediately did what any teenagers would’ve done when all the villagers were at the edge of town trying to force their way through an invisible barrier (which is exactly what the villagers were doing) and began looting. More specifically, they stole some weapons and supplies from the trading post, and having armed themselves with some steam pistols and a steam rifle, they tested them out on some of the local decor before heading out on what was probably a suicide mission.

They were allowed to pass through the barrier and headed in the direction they were told evil was spotted: The next town west.

Seeking information on the threat they questioned a newspaper vendor, a barkeep, 2 innkeepers, and accidentally grievously wounded a vacuum salesman’s shoulder, after ambushing him in his own room to try and talk to him. Learning nothing and feeling terrible about accidentally shooting a man, they sought the advice of a priest at the local church and based on his advice sought evil where there were negative emotions to feed off of (in this case, near to man who was probably having very negative emotions in his room, because he’s been shot, and was still slowly bleeding to death).

During the stakeout, the newspaper courier caught a chuckle in the air, and soon afterward, while hanging outside the window of the gunshot victim, heard something, turned on his stolen Tesla Torch (Flashlight) and spotted something that refused to be illuminated by the technology. A shadow, just as the priest had told him. A being not of this world. The 3 young men became ensued in a struggle to kill it, or capture it, as it evaded their attempts in the inn room of the dying salesman, and led the 3 on a chase through town into the quarantined scabies zone where scabies was apparently taking lives in the night, despite not being a fatal disease.

Cornering the beast, it had no choice but to fight, and nearly killed the newspaper courier, when the boy was saved by a mysterious powerful being who soon after revealed themselves and apologized for the trouble he’d caused for them, revealing that HE was the thing that caught the attention of Sir Bastion, and brought the ire of the inquisition to their once peaceful burg.

Informing the group that the beast had gotten away he offered his assistance by giving them something that would satisfy Bastion’s quest to slay some mysterious evil. A new shape changing being was brought fourth and ensnared in the magical bindings the boys had been given. Immediately the being who helped them disappeared, but not before threatening the kids to keep quiet about seeing him at all.

A bit exhausted and with about 11 hours left before their deadline, they hiked back to town with creature in tow, as it pleaded desperately for its life, but finding that the lives of the entire village were considering to outweigh his single life, the pleas fell on deaf ears.

That is, until they reached the town and found that the inquisition had already started burning it, and with short deliberation released the thing (giving it the name “Honesty”) and asked it to save their families as it had stated it could save about 6 people. Bringing their family to the invisible barrier, the thing found it could not bring them through, but had knowledge of how to operate the device which was creating the barrier, as well as what the thing looked like, and imparted it onto the group.

The plan: The courier sneaks into the town and turns off the barrier while the factory worker distracts Bastion and the acolyte who was now assisting him in burning the city, and the trading good shop’s deliver boy took aim with his stolen rifle at the acolyte just in case. With anger in his heart, the factory worker boy called out at the inquisitor, while the courier made his way to the device and manged to turn it off and take it back with him the the trading post boy, and with his own malice in mind, and because the factory worker needed a distraction to get away at this point signaled to open fire on the acolyte, who, taken completely by surprise and unable to defend herself was downed in moments before the boys did their best to escape.

The shape changing creature known as honesty returned in time to carry them and their families away from the scene. The rest of the villagers however, while temporarily safe, would not fare so well in the coming hours of Sir Bastion’s wrath.

Escaping with little more than their life(and a highly magical item) they bought a secluded manor in a faraway country and hid out for the next 5 years.


Sean wrote this beautifully.

Session 1 Prelude: Meet Bastion

The other goys need to get their butts in here.

Session 1 Prelude: Meet Bastion

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