Session 2: Opening Gambit

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Five years after the events in the town of Phelps, the boys found themselves Land owners in the Japan-like country of Shivat.

A while after they had just been waiting long enough to become complacent, one of the gate guards of their rather large estate burst into the room with an urgent letter. Handing it quickly to Travis he quickly bowed and took his leave to take a quick rest outside the room. Inspecting the letter travis found it to be from an old friend and the man who played the biggest part in establishing their estate,[The Don] and he apparently drastically needed their help with a matter of major public sensitivity so he called them to his own estate across the ocean in the country of Dwanholf.

Upon arrival they recieved a personal unmarked carriage to ferry them to [The Don]’s manor and a guide to escort them to his private study. Knocking gently then opening the door [The Don] greeted them warmly and introduced his right hand woman/brick wall(Stephen). [The Don] explained the circumstances and that his son Firo had just gone missing after a routine trip to collect taxes from one of the more willing towns in the area. Agreeing to keep the whole operation under wraps the group decided to assist and retrieve the young Firo from whomever was holding him.

The group headed out eastward with their new acquaintance/meat tank on their way to the small settlement. When they entered town they headed straight to the last house the boy was spotted at and begun some “careful interrogation”. By the time they had left the house the husband of the house was a total mess and the wife was clueless and making tea. As they left a strange man dressed very flamboyantly who was a family friend of theirs was rushing in to help the man. After assuring the stability of the man he decided to tag along with the rest of the group as their cause seemed just and he wanted to make sure they didn’t rough up any more townsfolk. This man it turned out was named Carlos and was quite the ladies man

Usint the information they gleaned from the man that Firo was taken by bandits on the edge of town they hatched a crazy plan. They would become bait and “Interrogate” the bandits who attacked them. Needless to say it worked out generally according to plan, or would have if they didn’t get a group of new recruits to the bandit organization. After long hours of interrogation they gleaned the location of a Hideout/dropsite for their stolen goods. Upon arriving the group noticed that a rather rowdy party was occurring and so Carlos being the person he is decided to join in pulling two bottles of exquisite wine from the pocket dimention that is his bag.

[I don’t quite remember what happened here so if someone could fill it in I’d be quite happy]

After some searching Lucca spotted an underground entrance into What seemed like a Large garage filled with untold mechanical wonders. splayed on the floof was one partially broken large mech and standing in perfect formation nearby were four smaller six foot atomatons. A quick scan on Lucca’s part revealed that each of these machines held a soul and required them in order to function. as this realization came to light a door opened as some atomatons came pouring out to greet the guests with a little steel fist on face action. Tony quickly decided to tryto reactivate the deactivated robot near him as the rest of the group started wailing on the robots.

((More to be written soon… baby steps))



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