Sir Andrellious "Knight of the Purging Flame" Bastion

Sir Bastion, the head Inquisitor for west Kanon


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This is what you as characters know about him just from lore and stories.

A very zealous inquisitor who wants nothing more than to see everything he considers foul and unholy to be exterminated.

Sir Andrellious “Cyclops”(derogatory), “Knight of the purging flame” Bastion is the current Head Inquisitor for the West Kanon area. He has systematically hunted down each and every last rumor of mystical practices, heretical faiths and strange occurrences in the small county he was previously stationed in just north the southern border of Abel. Because of that he was put in charge of the Western Kanon area, that and his unknown contact very high up in the Ecclesiarchy ensure his success.

He is known as a zealous Vatican knight, whose ability to somehow sniff out even the barest hint of what he considers “The Devils seeds waiting to blossom” is legendary. No one knows how it is he finds them, but every one who practices anything other than “gods church” as he believes it should be practiced is killed for heresy. He has been known to set fire to entire villages little more than a single rumor of a faerie creature being spotted nearby.

His durogatory nickname of “cyclops” comes from his hulking size (6’ 11”) and the black golden cross gilded eyepatch on his left eye. Lost in a lone battle with a creature far outstripping the power of even some of the most skilled in Ki Dominion, the Knight of the Purging Flame emerged from the gullet of the creature with its heart after it swallowed him.

Sir Andrellious "Knight of the Purging Flame" Bastion

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