James Phelps

Beaten, broken, burned and baked.


Acrobatic warrior AGI:6 DEX:7 CON:7 STR:7 PER:6 INT:5 WP:7 POW:5 Attack: 110 Dodge: 110 Init. 60 LP 125 Abilities: Notice 35, Search 25, Feats of strength 20, Composure 30, Intimidate 30, Withstand pain 20, Stealth 25, Hide 20, Ride 20, Athleticism 40, Acrobatics 45, Sleight of hand 40, Jump 40, Style 40. Knows: Shotokan, Muay thai, and Tai chi. PhR 45, DR 45, VR 45, MR 40, PsR 45


The mayor of the town of Phelps. His family has always been the mayor/ruler of this old farm town turned Cog factory. During his teen years he was an adventurer but returned upon the death or his father at the age of about thirty to take the seat of authority. Now he just sits happily awaiting the unfortunate eventuality that someone causes trouble and he once more gets to crack some skulls.

Unfortunately, he fell swiftly in defense of the town. poor him…

James Phelps

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