Raleigh Templar

Once a man, Raleigh is now a soul bound to a hunk of metal within a machine within a machine within a machine! And it sucks.


Hector Elios shed the frail bonds of his human form like a cancerous phoenix! He took on the body of an intricate machine and the name of Raleigh Templar in order to bumfuck past compatriots out of some sweet loot to restore him to his frail bonds. Because, c’mon, robot? Really? That’s like the bitch of the animal kingdom. Sure everybody says God made animals to serve man but that’s hard to prove. But everybody knows man made machine to polish his boots and wipe his ass. That there’s hard fact. Even traitorous dogs got it better. Kowtowing to man so he doesn’t whip your ass like all the other animals? What a whiny little bitch. But I’m getting off topic. Because a robit’s fine and all, but a man’s a man and that there’s what it is.


Suck a dick, I’ll do this later.

Raleigh Templar

Anima-Steampunk Baughberick