Tony Travis

Acrobatic Warrior, Jackass, and Skirt Chaser

Look, A Sword

It’s a sword!


Back when Phelps was a prosperous little village, and not a steaming pile of rubble, little Anthony use to work at the trading post there, delivering goods and manning the counter. In the 5 years since the towns destruction however?

After managing to hock a very interesting mystical item, him and his comrades used the connections and money they made during the transaction to get themselves an estate and status in what is basically the Anima equivalent of Japan, far away from the reach of the inquisition that razed his home village. Since then Tony has made a few friends in his new locale while trying to find people to help him with Susanna, his sword. A labor of love.

Tony’s friends include (Work In Progress):

Cardinal – Cardinal works in a bookstore and is an apprentice bookbinder. He gives Tony access to books of questionable content and taste. Cardinal is generally willing to do little things for Tony, like make deliveries, etc. He generally enjoys really obscure books that not many people have read, that also challenge current societal conventions, as well as “cult classics”. He’s tried to start several steady relationships during the time Tony has known him, and all of them seem to end badly.

Tony Travis

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